Tracking Hydration

Hi Everyone,

just wanted to update the QS community and let you know that we got a great response when we launched H2O-Pal about a week ago.
I don’t think the project would have been possible without this community so I just want to say thanks! =)

If you’re not familiar, here’s H2O-Pal’s two sentence pitch:
Similar to a fitness tracker, H2O-Pal is a hydration tracker that works with your water bottle. It accurately tracks when and how much water you drink so that you’re able to get quantifiable data about your water drinking habits and what you can do to intake less calories and caffeine and have more energy.

The launched website:

It was great to demo H2O-Pal at the NYC quantified self meetup in February and hopefully I’ll soon be able to meet people and discuss hydration tracking at one of the meetups in SF.

Here’s some more info:
You probably know that when it comes to building a successful habit, having a sense of progress is incredibly important.
Lots of people want to get better at drinking water but trying to accurately track their progress manually is really not fun … that’s why I wanted to build something that tracks automatically and syncs with your smartphone. The goal is to help people stay on track and give them the satisfaction of seeing their progress and health benefits over time.

How we got started:
My mom lost consciousness when due to stress at work one day she basically completely forgot to drink any water. That’s a pretty rare case, but mild stress induced dehydration affects a huge number of people in less severe ways. It’s often associated with feeling tired and a loss of focus and productivity.
That’s why I decided to work on the idea of making a consumer product.
It’s taken two-years and we had to learn a lot to get everything going but now I’m very excited to start shipping to our pre-order customers in less than two months =)

We also have a very lively facebook community for anyone that’s interested:

If you do want your H2O-Pal, I just wanted to let you know that there’s not much time left now as we’ll be closing our pre-order this Sunday May 3, 23:59 pm.

I look forward to any input or questions you might have.