Tracking Variety of Fitness Methods

Hey all -

This year I’m trying to do a better job of tracking HOW MUCH of each type of fitness I do, and it seems like there’s a lot of options. i.e. I work at a high-end gym and do group classes for rowing, lagree, and barre, but I also weight lift, dance, stretch, and run solo.

I’d like to track the time spent on each task without too much friction so that I can sum it up. Options:

  • Toggl - with “fitness” as a client and different types of fitness as a “project” - has good reports, but not good for tracking weight lifting where time isn’t primary metric
  • MyFitnessPal, which I already use for food tracking but doesn’t allow me to pull nice reports summing things up
  • Lumen Trails Daily Tracker, which is OK but I have to have a LOT of categories for each type, and won’t show me an aggregate report
  • Runkeeper, which is good except lacks categories for manual entry for many things other than “group fitness” making it harder for me to pull reports.

Other ideas for options? Anyone else do this? Should I just use a damn spreadsheet?

The laziest option would be an app like Moves. You’d know (approximately) how much time you spent at the gym, or how often you went running, but not what you did at the gym, or how heavy the weights were…

If the friction is due to having to use too many different apps, a general purpose tracking app like KeepTrack that lets you define your own categories (and one or more custom metrics for each category) might help? (Don’t know if there is anything equivalent for iOS, maybe rTracker?)