Visually impaired self trackers?

As a hobby I prototyped a few games and apps for Android that I thought that blind inviduals would appreciate.

I was wondering if there are any visually impaired self trackers and if so what tools are available to them?

I thought that Androids voice recognition might make a handy data logger dedicated for blind people to track glucose, weight etc. Unfortunately most blind people in the US seem to favor iPhones which I don’t think yet have as good speech recognition as Google.

I also don’t know of any Alexa skills that are really great at logging numerical data in an accessible format.

Just curious…

This is a great question that I don’t have the answer to, and I hope somebody else will respond eventually. AFB (American Foundation for the blind) posted a short review of accessibility of fitness and activity trackers. However, their so-called “reviews” are extremely sparse and contain almost now useful info! This is a job waiting to be done.

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Maybe something like this? There is also an SDK for Android.