Wearable Timelapse Camera? (For time management)

To track my time, I’ve set up my computer to take a screenshot and a photo using the web cam every minute or so. Then using an application I’ve written, I can quickly scroll through the images using the mouse scroll when and record what time I spent on each activity or project. I’ve found this to be an effective and relatively efficient way to track my time.

For offline use it is possible to use a time lapse camera which I have brought ( http://www.wingscapes.com/timelapse-cameras/timelapse-plantcam ). Photos from this camera can be used in the same way as screenshots from the computer. This works reasonably well, provided you maintain the discipline of setting it up around the house as you go about your business and keep the batteries charged up.

However, is rather large and conspicuous. I would be nice to have a wearable camera which is smaller and more discrete that you could pin to your clothes and would take a picture at fixed intervals. The SenseCam ( http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/cambridge/projects/sensecam/ ) can do this, however it costs 300 pounds which is a bit steep, and it is also a bit bigger than I would want.

Does anyone know of a device that could do this, or something that could be hacked to? The “spy” cams I’ve seen don’t seem to have a timelapse feature.

Lifelapse offers an iPhone app that enables you to do this :wink:

You might look not Looxcie also. Not exactly minute but looks like a bluetooth headset and could be hacked for this purpose. Http://looxcie.com



Thanks for the suggestions everyone. It is kind of frustrating that the thing I want comes so close to existing, yet doesn’t.

I did find something similar to that for my Nokia, which I might try to see how well it works. I probably won’t buy an iPhone soon, but thanks for the suggestion.

The big problem with the Looxcie is the dork factor is just too high. Kind of reminds me of the borg. Might be okay for around the home though, once my girlfriend gets used to it. I’ll consider it.

What I would really like is for one of those spycam things to have a timelapse feature and a battery that lasts all day.

Perhaps one day I will have to learn about electronics and make one myself.

Agreed. I found the following during a brief time wearing a Looxcie:

  1. moderate “dork ridicule”
  2. people changed their conversational behavior noticeably, knowing I was recording video. After a while they forgot about it however.

Not sure these insights were worth the investment. But it did make me appreciate how useful a smaller, less obtrusive version would be.



You may want to look at MeCam ( http://bit.ly/16KRb0K ). It does video, but can be modified to shoot time-lapse photo fairly simply.

There’s a new MeCam out. I use a Narrative Clip. Autographer is also available. The Narrative is okay, but perhaps the $8m cash infusion they’ve just received will help them bring a more usable photo viewing solution to market.

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