Wearables data API (Free for Individual quantified self developers)

Hey everyone! I’m Maitham, the founder of Vital. As someone who has suffered from chronic health conditions, misdiagnoses, and general challenges with doctors and labs, I want to make it easier for people to have access to their own health data.

So, I’m making it easier for developers in the healthcare space to collect data that users capture at home, starting with an API for wearables data. So far we have built integrations for Oura, Whoop, Garmin, Fitbit, Renpho, Peloton, Zwift, Wahoo, Google Fit (coming soon), Apple Watch (coming soon), Alivecor ECG (coming soon), Freestyle Libre Continuous Glucose Monitor (coming soon).

We are still in beta, and I thought you all would be interested and find this useful. So, if you want to check it out for free, sign up for the beta on the site, just say you came from QS, and I’ll give you access straight away. Happy to answer any questions in the comments as well. :smile:


This sounds awesome - I’ve been looking for an API/SDK for my Garmin vivosmart 4!

Few questions: How beginner-friendly is Vital? I don’t have much experience with APIs, but would love to give it a shot. My experience is in Ionic/Angular and Python.

Awesome! You should check the docs out https://docs.tryvital.io/ We have a Python client you can use to pull the data. We also have a no-code tool for connecting your devices so it should be simple :grin: Send me a message if you need help, I’ve bumped you up on the waitlist, you should have access now if you head to app.tryvital.io and login with the email you signed up!

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Great, thank you! Just to clarify - Am I able to fetch real-time data (for example, SpO2 data) from Garmin vivosmart 4 using your API?

No major wearable device has a web API that will give you real time data.

Some devices do you have a Bluetooth SDK that will allow you to connect directly to the device and you could get real time data that way.

The API for every major device requires you to input a start/stop timestamp for the data you’re looking for.

Some APIs also have a push API that will send data once the user syncs it to a webhook of your choice.

Garmin API is designed to be push only, but you can also request backfill data for a certain time period.

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Thats true for most API’s, we’re actually currently in talks with Garmin, and we hope to release our websocket API to facilitate a realtime web API for Garmin soon. To do this we have our own app (currently in Beta). Apologies for the self promotion, I just thought it would be super useful for this community!

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any plans for adding Polar, Withings and custom CSV import?