Withings' Advanced Activity Metrics API

Anyone manage to get access to Withings’ Advanced Activity Metrics API, or know someone outside of the normal support channel who could help?

Seem to be having the same issue here. I’m able to access body metrics, but having trouble accessing the activity metrics. Let me know if you find a solution, and I’ll do the same.

The problem for me isn’t technical, it’s that I can’t even get access to the API. Their response:

Even if it were true that my service “merely” aggregated data, It is very disappointing to see a company that sponsors QS events take such a position, rather than play a more helpful role in the QS ecosystem.

I can’t help notice that their partner list includes companies that are in fact data aggregators, so perhaps I just need to talk to the right people…

So I finally got access to the complete (i.e. minute-resolution) API… Anyone else here using this API?