Zephyr Bioharness 3

I see Zephyr is coming out with their 3rd iteration of their bio-monitor. At $400 it’s starting to get in the price range that I would consider (vs. $700). It seems to collect a lot of data.

One thing it also does is collect data on posture. I’m wondering if anyone has used the companion smartphone software and if you can tell me whether you can set it to alarm you when you start slouching. I have a terrible tendency to slouch, but it’s hard to remain constantly vigilant. It would be awesome if the device could beep you when it senses you are not standing straight up.


It doesn’t detect posture, it uses the accelorometer to detect breathing rate, it also monitors heart rate, and skin temperature.

Is it able to display heart rate variability data in real time? Does it come only with Omnisense Live or Omnisesne Analysis is included as well?

The latest version can detect the full EKG wave form, but you will have to write your own code to detect HRV.