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I check the file - Mapqs External Links 8060.txt

Examples of pages containing links to this site:

The Future of Quantified Self Devices October 11, 2013

Low Friction Personal Data Collection October 10, 2013

«Don’t Life Log Me» — Quantified Self 2013 в Амстердаме

See your self in Quantified Self Europe

Media tracking and the quantified self September 9, 2010

Wednesday, 5 March 2014
Plan to move from #quantified self to Qualified self

FEB 22, 2013
The Quantified Man: How an Obsolete Tech Guy Rebuilt Himself for the Future

Quantified Self - Boston

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I looked at the links on large sites on this site in an extended search for Google

An example of a request to Google. site:
Results: approximately 2 500

Welcome to QuantifiedSelf Created May 28, 2011
11.6k Members 22 Online

Reddit Active and brings 2,15 % traffic to the site QS (100% traffic social networks)

meetup com Results: approximately 2 970 Dozens of links to the site. But the groups are not active.
en wikipedia org Results: approximately 111 Probably 5-10 links to the site.

Large sites usually do not bring traffic to the site.

twitter com Results: approximately 21 300 twitter usually does not bring traffic to sites.
youtube com Results: approximately 1 590
medium com Results: approximately 3 880
lifehacker com Results: approximately 9
facebook com Results: approximately 3 260 Can bring shadow traffic.
vimeo com Results: approximately 781 No links were found.

Site traffic
Direct traffic - 49,96%
Search traffic - 39,49%
Referral traffic - 8,40%
Traffic from social networks - 2,15%
Demography of visitors

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All you have posted is interesting. I made a program to help me find things on net and one of the features I really need to add is finding all links pointing to important pages.

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could you do the same for and maybe send the data to Katharina?

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A very interesting program.
In what programming language is this program written?
What operating systems does this program work on?
Is there a description of this program?

I worked in the company “Vitamin Center” in 2012 - 2020.
I was an assistant to the site administrator.
The site administrator worked as a university professor and was very busy.
My responsibilities included the analysis of the site, analysis of competition, website promotion on social networks, maintaining a customer base and much more.
This site about health was very similar in many parameters to the QS website and the problems were similar.

According to the results of the analysis of the QS website, I assume that life cycle of this site is slowly moves to the end and the changes are needed.
The condition of this site is alarming.

Yes, I’ll see and analyze this wiki.

Only one page

This page has been accessed 69,092 times.
Robots or people are unknown.

Pages that link to “Personal Science Wiki” 1

reddit_com Results: approximately 1
quantifiedself_com Results: approximately 1
en.wikipedia_org Results: approximately 0
twitter_com Results: approximately 4
youtube_com Results: approximately 0
medium_com Results: approximately 0
facebook_com Results: approximately 4

Google trends

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I’m following with interest, and am very glad to cooperate in making changes to the site to make it more useful.

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One story.
Site modernization.

One of the many reasons for the fall in the traffic was Google policy and a change in search algorithms.
The rapid increase in the number of competitors also influenced significantly.

What we managed to do technically the main one for modernizing the site until 2020.

  1. Analysis of the site pages for attendance and removal of low -value pages.

I analyzed all the pages of the site for attendance and the availability of external links.
I analyzed the transitions inside the site.
We agreed and deleted low -value and inactive pages.
Of the approximately 2000 pages of the site, only 300 useful pages are left, then the number of pages increased to 700-800.

  1. Search for plagiarism and increasing the uniqueness of the site pages.

Checking the uniqueness of the texts of the site pages, first I did it manually with free programs,
Then there was a complete massive verification of uniqueness with a paid service.

Over the years, the unique texts of the site have been stolen completely or in pieces.
The uniqueness of the texts of many pages of the site fell to zero.
On the server of Iran, I found a complete copy of our site.
We turned to the administration of search engines with complaints. The result is not known to us.

Important pages of the site were processed to increase uniqueness.
Information on the priority of publications has been sent to the search engines.

  1. Modernization of the site catalog.

The site search for visitors to increase the depth of viewing the site was facilitated.
The full .html made a map of the site, but was not installed on the site.

  1. Increased adaptability on mobile devices.

Pages are tested for convenience on different devices and adapted.
With small resolutions of smartphones, the text of the site is still not convenient to read,
and most of the visitors come from devices with small screen resolution.
The order buttons were slightly increased.

  1. An increase in the frequency of new publications on the site.

Increased the number of new unique publications on the site up to 2 large articles per month, but not for a long time. The copywriter left.

The site had a WordPress blog and forum. They were removed.
The forum was poorly protected from spam.

We could not completely modernize the site due to the sudden death of the director in 2020.
The grid of blogs and pages of social networks has become memorial. Page of the director memory
However, the site remained profitable and has existed 23 years. We were only able to delay his further fall.

Materials were used


Google filter Fred

Practical Guide to optimize the site for the new Google algorithm (ru)
Aleksey Trudov

7 steps for the growth of organic site traffic

7 steps for the growth of organic site traffic (ru)

7 steps for the growth of organic site traffic (en)

Site and blog life cycle

The result of the search for “dark traffic” on the site.

How accurate is this data?

Analysis date January 25, 2023,

Estimated daily statistics

Daily Unique Visitors 213
Daily pageview 853

Estimated monthly statistics

Monthly unique visitors 6.299
Monthly page views 25.189

Estimated annual statistics

Annual unique visitors 77.909
Annual page views 311.552


Here’s what WordPress Site Stats says about average daily page views.

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Thank you!
Are you alone doing all the work on the site?
I found only one of your assistants working with the forum and Steven Jonas
Managing Editor.

I’ll see how the things that Similarweb indicated are doing.

These sites are indicated as very similar to the QS website.
Some have very good attendance.

What is the difference?


I did not plan to linger on your site for a long time.
I only planned to share my knowledge so that they would not disappear in vain, but the demand for them is very small.
The sudden death of my mother has changed a lot in my life.
While I’m trying to get distracted, calm down and put my thoughts in order.

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Hi Michael, I’m grateful for your interest. Started a new topic about the website specifically here: Maintaining and Improving the QS Website

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The problem with large catalogs.
The publication of thousands of outgoing links in catalogs leads to falling under the filter of search engines.
This causes a complete loss of search traffic.
My site fell under the filter and lost search traffic for several years.
I was not careful. The exit from the filter is a very long process.
All external links should be hidden from search robots.
Free advertising of other people’s sites does not contribute to the popularity of the site, if it is not a mutual exchange of links.

A new tool guide for the QS Community? 2014

We tried this ourselves sometime around 2012, with community editing enabled, and almost immediately lost the war with stale (if not spam) entries dominating the database.

The project @Algorithm linked earlier, overseen by Open Humans Foundation (where I serve on the board) is yet another attempt. This time there are some skilled people involved with experience in community/peer resource development, so perhaps this gives it a better chance!

Personal Science Wiki

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defunct. or rather curetogether is now 23andme
santiano is about newsy medical issues
healthadvisor is for finding insurance

mddionline com is ehealth news for investors
humanapi co is an important aggregator of ehealth data but it is primarily used by corporations

seth roberts is well known here

nonin is an interesting company but one of many
afibbers org is an old community but for a specific problem
sleep com similar but new and company

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I had a registration record on the site curetogether_com.
Now I can’t enter this site.
This site was really very similar to the site QS.
This site advertised @Alexandra_Carmichael .
Alexandra Carmichael - Senior Content Writer at abrdn.
Alexandra Carmichael is the Co-Founder at CureTogether,
She was a community administrator Facebook QS.
This site is probably absorbed recently 23andme_com.

These and many other sites overlap the semantic core of the site QS.
These sites block keywords and phrases from the search and pull search traffic to themselves.

This is the competition.

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My assumptions.
It is very likely that they can make Personal Science Wiki fast enough.
It is very unlikely that this solution will increase the traffic of quantifiedself_com sites and openhumans_org



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If my self hosted search app becomes popular then, not only will the pages on first post be the competition, the wiki will dominate that list.

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Unfortunately, startups have a risk of 95%. There is more chances to win money from a slot machine.