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Here’s what WordPress Site Stats says about average daily page views.

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Thank you!
Are you alone doing all the work on the site?
I found only one of your assistants working with the forum and Steven Jonas
Managing Editor.

I’ll see how the things that Similarweb indicated are doing.

These sites are indicated as very similar to the QS website.
Some have very good attendance.

What is the difference?


I did not plan to linger on your site for a long time.
I only planned to share my knowledge so that they would not disappear in vain, but the demand for them is very small.
The sudden death of my mother has changed a lot in my life.
While I’m trying to get distracted, calm down and put my thoughts in order.

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Hi Michael, I’m grateful for your interest. Started a new topic about the website specifically here: Maintaining and Improving the QS Website

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The problem with large catalogs.
The publication of thousands of outgoing links in catalogs leads to falling under the filter of search engines.
This causes a complete loss of search traffic.
My site fell under the filter and lost search traffic for several years.
I was not careful. The exit from the filter is a very long process.
All external links should be hidden from search robots.
Free advertising of other people’s sites does not contribute to the popularity of the site, if it is not a mutual exchange of links.

A new tool guide for the QS Community? 2014

We tried this ourselves sometime around 2012, with community editing enabled, and almost immediately lost the war with stale (if not spam) entries dominating the database.

The project @Algorithm linked earlier, overseen by Open Humans Foundation (where I serve on the board) is yet another attempt. This time there are some skilled people involved with experience in community/peer resource development, so perhaps this gives it a better chance!

Personal Science Wiki

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defunct. or rather curetogether is now 23andme
santiano is about newsy medical issues
healthadvisor is for finding insurance

mddionline com is ehealth news for investors
humanapi co is an important aggregator of ehealth data but it is primarily used by corporations

seth roberts is well known here

nonin is an interesting company but one of many
afibbers org is an old community but for a specific problem
sleep com similar but new and company

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I had a registration record on the site curetogether_com.
Now I can’t enter this site.
This site was really very similar to the site QS.
This site advertised @Alexandra_Carmichael .
Alexandra Carmichael - Senior Content Writer at abrdn.
Alexandra Carmichael is the Co-Founder at CureTogether,
She was a community administrator Facebook QS.
This site is probably absorbed recently 23andme_com.

These and many other sites overlap the semantic core of the site QS.
These sites block keywords and phrases from the search and pull search traffic to themselves.

This is the competition.

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My assumptions.
It is very likely that they can make Personal Science Wiki fast enough.
It is very unlikely that this solution will increase the traffic of quantifiedself_com sites and openhumans_org



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If my self hosted search app becomes popular then, not only will the pages on first post be the competition, the wiki will dominate that list.