New Oura vs Emfit QS?

Last year, I bought a FitBit Charge 2 HR. Initially, it was a lot of fun, but I soon found the device uncomfortable to wear and had to let it go. Wearing the device to sleep ultimately worsened my sleep, as I would naturally tend to lay on my wrist where the sensors would dig in.

Now, I’m looking at the new Oura Ring. On paper, it looks fantastic, but looking at those nubs on the bottom, I’m wondering how uncomfortable this device may be for the non jewelry wearer. I’m also looking at an Apple Watch, which could be cool for the App Dev potential (but maybe less accurate for sleep & HRV tracking than the Oura.)

It looks like I can get some good sleep tracking metrics out of the Emfit QS, but it’s an older, seemingly less popular device.

Which device do you guys recommend? Has anyone tried on the new Oura?

If you’re interested in app-dev potential I know the Oura Ring has an API you could use:

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Very cool. In reading more, I think the Oura definitely has the better tech for sleep tracking. Although, the Emfit is sort of in a league of its own being contact-free, just gathering data in the background without any charging or input. Tricky! I couldn’t find any reviewers yet commenting on the comfort of the new device for all-day / all-night wear.

I wish the device provided 24/7 heart-rate logging like I could pull from my old Fitbit Charge 2 (although, this data wasn’t particularly actionable.)

I think I might invest in one. It’s a shame they don’t ship out until April.

Curious if the QS Emsfit has improved since then.

Oura’s sleep stage detection seems to be mostly off:

I don’t notice the bumps underneath the ring at all, I wear another (normal) ring on my other hand and can hardly tell them apart unless I think about it.

I’m not particularly sensitive though, to physical stimulus.

As for the efficacy I couldn’t say whether Oura compares well to other devices, I got it because it’s a million times better than what I had before (nothing) and looks really cool.

I just wrote a detailed comparison between the Oura ring & Emfit QS! :smiley: