I’m really not a fan of Alpha Brain; anything that fails to disclose precise dosing information for each ingredient gets a big fat PASS from me!

I’ve used lots of different nootropic stacks over the years, and I’ve experimented with individual substances too. On the whole I’ve found that some combination of Citicoline, Alpha-GPC, Tyrosine, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Bacopa monnieri, and DHA works wonders without causing any side effects.

If you want to use a pre-made stack, I’ve been using Performance Lab Mind for a while now and it’s pretty awesome.

How is your work easy to quantify?

How is it awesome?

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I use modafinil when I need to focus and get work done. I find using it 2-3 times per week works best for me as I can feel a little robotic on it. I notice a huge difference in energy when taking it tired. bought it from [link deleted for now - eds] if anyone’s interested.

I would recommend reading this set of experiments with nootropics before trying anything.

Most of nootropics recommendations comes from biased people: their experience mostly based on poorly designed self-experiments and absence of ability to analyze data objectively. Confirmation bias, observer bias, effort justification and experimenter effect make value of results even worse.