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The N-of-1 breakout discussion was well attended and we decided to continue the discussion through mailing-list/slack. For those who couldn’t attend the discussion but would like to participate, please join the mailing list at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/n-of-1-tools.

Alternatively, I have also created a slack team https://bit.ly/2DoN83v depending on people’s preferences regarding communication.

I can see a few concrete outcomes we can produce towards our shared goal:

  1. Define the role(s) n-o1-1 tools fulfil towards improving a person’s self-knowledge.
  2. Provide an outline of open challenges and requirements that n-of-1 tool builders need to be aware of.
  3. Based on our past experiences, create a set of guidelines to help people build better n-of-1 tools.
    This list is by no means exhaustive, and is meant more as a starting point to stimulate a conversation.

Look forward to engaging with everyone on this topic!


How to Set Up a Community-Based Environmental Heath Project


Remember that guy showing his weird blue mind map at the closing session? That was me.

You can browse my Brain for free at JerrysBrain.com; I’ve also put three explanatory videos there.

There’s an app in Apple’s App Store with my face on it, titled Jerrys Brain (bwahahahaha!). Warning: while my Brain looks great on an iPad, the data in this version is frozen at mid 2016 when I started using TheBrain 9 (the app is tied to the v8 server and is unlikely to be updated).

On the hunch a couple folks here might like to dive deeper into Brainz, I’ll start a new topic, copying this note.



Dopey me: forgot to add a link to my online Brain (which is fully up to date) to what I curated during QS18.



Is it accurate that a prescription is needed to buy a CGM? I didn’t hear that come up at the conference, and it’s a bummer if so.

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Slides from my talk about pomodoro tracking during grad school (almost 5000!).Pomodoro Slides.pptx (1.5 MB)


Depends on country - Europe you don’t need. In the US you do unfortunately :frowning:


Hi all, I enjoyed attending the many interesting sessions at the QS18 and I was to glad to host one myself regarding ‘DIGITAL COACHING OF RUNNERS USING HRV’. For everybody that attended and especially for those would couldn’t make it, here are my slides and the designated paper. Please note that this ‘popular’ r&d, from a coaching perspective. But, the goal is to inspire scientific and non-scientific readers to work a follow-up activities, that help to advance what we know, use and benefit from, regarding HR and HRV.


Great Justin, thanks! I will share this with the (evergrowing) Diabetes community in the Netherlands.

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Jerry, thanks. Of course I remember you and your Brain! The displayed ‘link’ by The Brain between ‘Great Philosophers’ and ‘Irritating People’ (or something like that) really made a permanent imprint in the ‘remembering’ part of my brain - quoting the great work of Daniel Kahneman here - I hope that’s ok with The Brain.


I just set up an appointment for a check-up, can report back how much trouble asking for a prescription for a CGM was. Shouldn’t be an issue as long as you’re not expecting your insurance to cover it, is my guess…


I believe that was “Annoying People,” with “Assholes” just below it. I leave the exercise for the reader who would like some amusement: https://bra.in/2j89bv

Just adding a link from Maggie’s slide deck, to her customized “Strict Workflow” chrome extension for posting Pomodoro sessions automatically to Beeminder: https://github.com/maggiedelano/Strict-Workflow-Beeminder

Just curious if slides or recordings of QS conf talks tend to get posted or not?

Hello, we’re working on the videos. They will be up. I’ll update here when that is done.

If you signed up for January’s CGM study at QS18, turns out they won’t be able to give you any of the data you collected, even after completing the study. Needless to say I’m passing on that opportunity :frowning:

I missed that. Who was recruiting for the study?

Like I said, January :slight_smile:

Ah, I interpreted that as the month. Thanks.

Perfect name for a stealth startup, no one is ever going to realize who you are talking about :slight_smile: