Tracking body temperature

Final update (for now), after a full 3 years of daily readings!

  • No obvious seasonal pattern – but my body temperature does end up 0.1-0.2°C higher or lower when sleeping in a much (by at least 10°C) warmer or colder environment.
  • Travel (with time zone changes of more than 3 hours) throws things off a bit, too: Could even use body temperature to track how well my circadian rhythm has adjusted!
  • My body temperature readings appear to have been more stable over the past year than before. I’d like to think it’s because I have a more regular schedule, except I don’t think that’s really true. Perhaps I’m simply getting better at taking consistent readings?
  • Couldn’t assess how much my body temperature increases during exercise, would need a different (i.e. not oral) device for that.
  • Managed to not got sick, so didn’t get to test the “early warning” hypothesis :upside_down_face: