Tracking transition with testosterone

What I really want is to work offline; have a copy of open humans running on my pc without internet at all. And I want this to be easily available to the end user. I mean installation should be fairly easy. It does not have to work on any data but my own.

@rain8dome9 it’s using jupyter & other python packages – you can probably install and run those things locally on your own machine. But, well, writing and updating anything to “fairly easily install” and run locally in various platforms is much more challenging to create, maintain, and update.

Open Humans isn’t a commercial product. It’s a nonprofit supporting a community & platform, for folks that want to share & build projects that work with personal data, as individuals and collective projects. It’s open source, the community chat is open, we’ve started monthly open community calls. Community is also part of governance (e.g. a third of our board seats are elected by members).

If someone wants to donate coding skills (or lots of funding, I guess!) to see more local / offline things integrated somehow, I’m sure we’d be happy to explore that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Took me two days to install a medium complexity (server) python program but that was under unusual circumstances. How about a guide on setting up my own instance? Data never leaving the personal computer is the best security.

There’s plenty of guidance already for installing jupyter. :slight_smile:

The VMs provided contain a set of packages that notebooks can assume are available. A custom installation might need to add some, depending on the notebook.

Open Humans is definitely whatever people are comfortable with, people have different preferences. In the future I think we’d like to have more first class support for notebooks as shared objects in themselves, rather than add-ons that presume data present within accounts.

Ok that is jupyter notebooks. What about the Open Humans API?

@rain8dome9 I think this got a bit side-tracked here. I’ve shared an updated notebook that has code that lets you run it on local files. (But if you have your own project you’re trying to do re-using something I did, maybe start a new post about that… :slight_smile: )