Transcranial magnetic stimulation - possible to self-administer?

Can you move during a TMS session? How important is proper localization of the brain when getting TMS?

What is the part of the brain targeted for rumination/overactive internal monologue/excess daydreaming/excess noise in the brain? [this is all KIND of related with depression]

Also, how does one visualize the precise coordinates of the head the TMS machine is targeting? If you want to shut off the default mode network, can you localize low-frequency TMS waves roughly over some part of the parietal?

Is it safe to use smartphones near a TMS machine? Also can TMS machines help with pain reduction?

Can you use it multiple times in a day to stimulate multiple regions of the brain (eg left dlpfc and parietal)?

Do they need electromagnets After years of depression, gentle electromagnetic stimulation of the brain may provide relief to properly work? (and does use of electromagnetics allow one to move one’s head while using it?)