100 days with Veri – My journey with Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)

I reached 100 days with a continuous glucose monitor (Veri) - It’s been a fascinating ride to understand my metabolic health. There are so many lessons and insights that I will take with me rest of my life.

It was also an important wake-up call for me; I’m not anymore the 20-year-old who can eat anything I want.

In the latter part of the experiment, my glucose level started to rise, creeping towards prediabetic levels. This got me worried, so I took an actual blood test. It gave the same message, I was out of the optimal range and too high for my age and fitness level. Diabetes 2 is nothing new in my family, so I knew I had to make some changes.

You can read the blogpost here

I discuss the following areas in the blogpost:

  1. Why do I use CGM?

  2. Overview of my blood sugar data in 100 days

  3. Sleep and blood sugar levels

  4. Stress and blood sugar levels (I had over 300 mg/dL when giving a speech!)

  5. Exercise and blood sugar levels

  6. Sauna and blood sugar levels

  7. Mood and blood sugar levels

  8. Perfect day with stable blood sugar levels

  9. What happened to my glucose in November, and is CGM accurate?

  10. Summary (key takeaways)

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Hi Ilmo,

great article! I was wondering if you’ve experienced spikes 3+ hours after meals (no movement involved)?

Any reason why you kept having the sensor for 100 days ? When I used it, I got most of the data/trends within the first couple of weeks!

Hi Toni

thank you! I don’t recall having spikes after 3 hours

Hi Kyriakos

It’s just my passion and hobby, try different things with CGM and create content.

I do agree that for a normal person 14-30 days is totally enough if there’s no major changes on diet or health

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That’s awesome - did you find any findings around your sleep with it?

Great to hear about your experiment, I had a similar journey where I was measuring prediabetic levels of glucose in my bloodstream. Sleep & stress were big driving factors for me as well, I noticed I could correlate my Oura sleep data with my CGM data too, as well as pulse Ox from my apple watch. Was pretty cool to see the effects of my Vital signs and how they correlated. Happy to share any time!