14 days of Continuous blood sugar monitoring – What did I learn?

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I was fortunate to get early access to Veristable’s continuous blood sugar monitor - 14 days of fascinating testing! (I have no affiliation with the company, I bought the product)

Here is a link https://ilmostromberg.com/14-days-of-continuous-blood-sugar-monitoring/

You may ask - what is the point if you are nondiabetic? In the first part of the blog post, I will make a clear argument for that, especially if you are interested in longevity and health optimization.

In the second part, I review Veristables product.

Last and most exciting part for me as I writer - What did I learn in 14 days of data collection? I was lucky (or unlucky) when Christmas was part of my 14-day experiment. I saw both ends - How my average diet scores with Veristable and what happens to my body with a massive amount of Christmas porridge and chocolate.

I didn’t just test different foods but also how you can affect blood sugar levels after eating (Best biohacks are free).

Any feedback, questions, or comments are appreciated.


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Thanks for sharing! For myself, there’s no obvious difference between standing and sitting upright, but slouching on a bean bag does seem worse…

btw if you can do without the fancy app, you might be able to get a FreeStyle Libre sensor (which is what they appear to be using) directly, should be much cheaper.


I’d also be interested if they somehow block you from just buying more FS Libre sensors and continue using their app?

They make you buy at least a single sensor from them (at 100% markup price) as you can’t create an account for their app without buying a sensor. But potentially you can buy the FS Libre sensors after you have an account with them? :wink: