3d body measurments

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Hello im that kind of person who can visualise my goals. Does someone know where to find a 3d body app or sight that generates your body based on your measurements weight and height and gives you a possibility to compare yourself now vs how you want to be…
thank you!
Stay happy and healthy!

Have you checked out Body Visualizer?

I’ve actually been looking for something like this to help me track specific goals in different parts of my body. There are a few vaporware products out there (which I doubt let you collect your data anyway: Shapescale, and Naked Labs), but I’ve also explored professional 3D scanners for objects:

there are high end and expensive photogrammetry scanners like the Einscan Pro and Sense

this person seems to have used the face detection hardware on ipad to rig a 3D scanner

new iPad Pro has lidar, which could work, but unclear to what “resolution” it has, and how accessible the sensor is to developers: https://lidarscanner.app/

caveat with all of these is that you have to stand quite still probably and obviously someone has to scan you

While there aren’t any (yet) decent at-home devices for taking 3D body scans, a number of fitness/wellness facilities now offer 3D body scans using:

Fit3D - https://fit3d.com
Styku - https://www.styku.com

I’ve been using Fit3D, and in addition to seeing calculated body measurements, you can compare scans side-by-side and even export the raw 3D models. It also provides a posture analysis.

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