90 days of HIIT for breaking belief barriers

What I plan to do

Push myself beyond any previous physical limit by doing 90 days of high intensity interval training (aka HIIT).


Earlier in the year I did 30 days of push ups (~3,000 or so) and 30 days of content production at the same time. The challenge really pushed me far beyond anything I’d done previously, physically, mentally and emotionally (I’ve been meaning to do a write up of the experiment for months - haven’t made the time yet).

I burnt myself out by the end of it however I really learned that I’m far more capable than I give myself credit for. I also learned an insane amount about content production, refining my workflow and processes, editing, and so many things in the process.

This time I want to burn a lot more softly but for a lot longer.

I’m not going to challenge myself to make content, just trying to incorporate this workout into my morning routine, piggy back on top of habits I’m already consistent with and push my mental belief barriers.

If I slim down and trim off excess fat in the process that’ll be great too.

Long term I am wanting to get physically fit so I have longer lasting stamina because next year I plan to swing hard into calisthenics, either just on my own or at a gym.


Each day I will add HIIT into my morning routine. The HIIT program I’m using has ‘rest days’ built in, meaning that some days are a lot less intense than others, where - for example - it’s just plank exercises: low impact yet still striking that difficult balance between endurance and strength.

I’ll weigh myself once a day on the shitty scales I bought off eBay.

I’ll take a shirtless photo of myself each day doing some random pose.

I’ll make an update post ~ each fortnight (we’ll see about this lol).

I also might occasionally get my partner to take measurements of my body using a tape measure (again… we’ll see lol).

All records will be tracked using a spreadsheet on Notion.

Testing period

90 days, between September 16th and December 15th.

All the best wishes for you in your latest experiment, Said. I’ve been reading your posts here for a while and I admire your inquisitiveness. Keep us posted.