A powerful personal health and activity dashboard now available

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After working on my project for for a couple of years, I’m happy to announce that and Mango Display for Android is now publicly available for download. Quick demo video below.

Mango Display turns any Android Tablet in a powerful personal health dashboard for your life.
Displays data tracked via fitbit, Apple watch, iPhone and other apps like MyFitnessPal for nutrition and devices like connected weight scales, sleep trackers, blood pressure monitors and more via Apple health.

This is perfect if you’ve got an old Android tablet lying around or you can pick up a new Android tablet for less than the price of a good meal :slight_smile:
Requires an iPhone/iPad to control the layout and configure the data you want to see on the display.

You can check out more details about the Mango Display Android App here:

For details on the iOS Control Mango Mirror App and current health widgets available you can find them here:

Thank you for checking this out, happy to answer any questions you may have.:slightly_smiling_face:

If you are interested in why I created this, you can ready the story here: