A real-life game to help you live longer

Hi there,

I have a medical background and created an app that shows you which of 10 habits could lower your mortality risk (based on scientific research) and helps you develop them using gamification.

I’m looking for testers, so let me know if this could be useful to you.


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I’m very curious about your approach, would be pleased to test and give feedback.



happy to test. send me a link or something.

Interested as well. Let me know how to test.

Hey @intermagic, @Elo and JeremyGordon, that’s awesome, thanks! Would you mind emailing me at goncalogordo gmail com, and I’ll send you the link for download? Thank you.

Very curious to know how useful this is for you all.

If available on IOS: count me in :smiley:

Hey @Christian_Fazekas, I’m sorry but not yet. Will let you know once it is available

@goncalogordo: Thanks for the reply and all the best for your project. I do have an Android without a sim card. Will that do?

@Christian_Fazekas yes. I don’t think that would be a problem. Would you mind send me an email to goncalogordo gmail com? I can then send you the link for download. Thank you!

I would love to try it to
I’ll e-mail you to the address you mentioned

Looking forward to it