A Stage-Based Model of Personal Informatics Systems

Originally published at: https://quantifiedself.com/blog/a-stage-based-model-of-personal-informatics-systems/

In 2010 Ian Li, Anind Dey, and Jodi Forlizzie published a prescient paper called “A Stage-Based Model of Personal Informatics Systems” based on interviews in the Quantified Self community. In tidying up my research materials after publishing a short perspective in Frontiers of Computer Science called “A Framework for Personal Science” I came across this…

Thanks so much for sharing this. Half way through it occurred to me one day I want to run qualitative analyses through my journal entries. Now I’m thinking about what aspects of my data collection in my personal data I can improve for universality / long term usability.

I’d be fascinated to do like an annual qualitative review of journal entries.