A survey on QS in organizations

Hello fellow QS’ers Idea

We are three master students from Copenhagen Business School, who are in the middle of writing a thesis on the subject of Quantified Self.
The main focus of the research is on how the future organization will be impacted by the QS movement, and how individuals/employees will be impacted by HR departments’ use of quantified measures. We would very much appreciate it, if you could help us by completing this survey - It will only take a couple of minutes (mostly radio buttons).
The survey will help us achieve knowledge about people’s awareness and use of self tracking and self measurement.

Thanks in advance - Harprit Singh, Henrik Matzen and Zerdest Duman

Link to survey: https://survey.enalyzer.com/?pid=rs6n5rip

Ps. feel free to share the survey on other forums which relates to the subject of quantified self.