A time tracking app with activity selection on stop?


I’ve been trying different mobile time tracking apps for a while now (aTimeLogger being my favorite so far), but there’s one tiny thing that annoys me greatly in all of these apps, and so I’m looking for an app that doesn’t have this problem.

In the vast majority of apps it’s really easy to start tracking time, and when you do so, to choose the activity that you intend to be doing. However, in reality one minute later something might come up, and it’s easier to see what you’ve been doing after the fact, rather than before. So, what I’m looking for is the ability to choose the activity you’ve been just doing quickly and easily when you switch to the next one. Usually it’s possible, but takes a lot more effort than choosing activity on start. Thus the emphasis on “quickly and easily”.

And also, these features would be great to have as well:

  1. Ability to use from the locker widget.
  2. Being able to structure the activities so that even if there are around 40 of them they’d still be easy to navigate.

Are there any apps that can do that? I’m on Android, but if there are any iOS exclusive apps, please still let me know.

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Hi, that’s an interesting use case for quick action logging. If you’re looking for something automatic (though broader activities) you can check out Instant.