A totally Open Source Wearable

I want to get this community’s thoughts on the need for a 100% open source health wearable.


The concept is simple: we create awesome, robust hardware to serve as a blank canvas for your health applications.

We believe existing devices put up too many barriers for makers to create applications that are important to them. We hypothesize that the most impactful ideas will be sourced from our developer community.

Angel Sensor tracks heart rate, skin temp, steps, sleep, acceleration, orientation, and calories. Best of all, data is in real time, ie you can see your heart beat like an EKG.

We’re still a young company. We’d love to get some feedback on the general concept and the interest in this community. Thanks in advance!

A device and/or platform that is totally open is ideally what all of us want I think.

Aside from that accuracy of the sensors is pretty important and any filtering algorithms that might be involved.

I did have a few questions after looking at your website:

  1. Is the data exported periodically to be stored somewhere long term past the week capacity of the wearable?
  2. Is the data presented in a raw form that requires calibrations or is it fairly easy to read?
  3. Is the official interface robust enough to see basic trends over time or even a daily summary?

Thanks in advance for your response.

Thanks for the questions, @basisbreakdown

  1. The data is not exported automatically, buy you can call your data whenever you like using your protocols of choice. Check out our first “Getting Started” article for Heart Rate notifications
  2. It’s self-calibrated and pre-processed for baseline (DC) removal so you get access to raw sensor output.
  3. You can see daily/weekly trends data in our foundations application (iOS & Android)

Appreciate your interest :slight_smile:

Could you point me in the direction of the hardware schematics and firmware code? I couldn’t see them linked on the website.

I had a further look at your website. It appears that it’s the SDK you’re trumpeting as open source. Which is good, but fairly standard and very different from a 100% open source product.

Also the reviews of the previous product look pretty terrible. Could you tell us what’s going to be different about this one?