About Personal Sleep Care Mask : Sleep Sense

Hello, this is Hyojun Lion Woo.
Our team is trying to help people sleep better with our sleep sense mask.

Here is a campaign about Sleep Sense Mask.

It would be pleasure to have any comments from you.
Thank you!

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Hey Hyojun ,

This is really interesting! After the Zeo shut down, the community has been waiting eagerly for an EEG-based sleep monitor success.

A few questions and suggestions:

  1. How does Sleep Sense compare with existing QS sleep masks such as the Neuroon? How does it differentiate?
  2. Welcome to the QS forum! It would be great to beef up your initial message (there’s an option to edit it) and add more details besides the Indiegogo link.
  3. Suggestions:
  • Names help. The project page has a Meet our team image, but there are no names there, and the placement of the position within Sleep Sense above, and the role at a previous company, below, makes it look like the guy in the middle is the CTO of Samsung, for example.
  • Have a friend who’s a native or professional English speaker proof-read the copy. Typos like “When sleeps, a person has 90-minute sleep cycle” deter from the professional impression you want to give.

There is no need to “back-up” your sleep data since your mask and phone are always connected that all the data are automatically stored in the Sleep Sense cloud system.

The QS community really cares about data export, and implementing CSV exporting should be pretty trivial. If you don’t want to offer a polished export function, all RDBMS and NoSQL databases have commands to dump the raw data, and that will be enough for QS folks.

Hello Dan,
I really appreciate your questions and suggestions!

  1. We focus on how to induce sleep faster, deeper and wake up refreshed (w/ cure for jet lag). (control sound and light pattern)
  2. updated!
  3. updated! Could you be our friend? :slight_smile:

Your suggestions and questions are always welcome! Please.

P.S We love to encourage QS people and community to discover sleep for human beings with our products as development tool. (This is our first project.)

Please support us to provide people better sleep!

Thank you again!


And we implemented a test to compare result of sleep stage with myZeo’s and have a plan for device validation with PSG(Polysomnograph) in hospital.

I agree with Dan. The paragraph There is no need to “back-up” your sleep data since your mask and phone are always connected that all the data are automatically stored in the Sleep Sense cloud system. rings alarm bells. Data export ability is very important. Lack of data export disqualifies the product for serious QS users.

It would be great if the EGG data is accessible directly.

Furthermore the technology has the potential to allow interesting new software to be build if the system is open for third party developers.

Given that you are making money by selling hardware, making the software open source might be a very good move business wise.

Some users will want to play audio during the night to induce lucid dreams. It would be very valuable if the platform is customizable for such users. There are other application with sleep learning that some user will want to experiment with.

The mask has embedded memory card where sample music is saved. It
provides basic sounds and music with binaural beat – ex. Relaxing music
and rain sound.

That paragraph sounds like you replay a binaural beat session that’s prerecorded. That’s supoptimal. The session should be created on the fly based on the pattern that exist at the moment.

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Hello Christian,
Thank you for your comment.

  1. We consider how and when to provide SDK for developers. We want developers can use this platform as their experiment tool. (Other wearable devices provide all raw data? I don’t remember Zeo did it or not.)
  2. Mistake. Thank you!

P.S I tested sleep learning and lucid dreaming too. It is really interesting applications.

Zeo didn’t provide access to raw data.

But then Zeo failed as a company because they tried to keep everything exclusive. A friend wanted to be a reseller for Zeo and was willing to pay cash for 100 units and Zeo simply said no. Zeo policies in regard to openness aren’t worth emulating.