Academic research on QS and user innovation

Hello all!

I am a master’s degree student in my last semester at the Technical University of Munich in Germany.

I have been a long time admirer of the QS movement, and therefore decided to focus my research on the subject. Seeing as QS was born from user innovators who started to document and track their personal metrics, my research is focused on the continued user innovation today in QS among other things.

I would be very grateful to all who would be willing to donate 5-10 minutes of their time to fill out my questionnaire.

All responses are completely anonymous and confidential. The information collected will be used strictly for academic research purposes only. Your contribution is highly appreciated and will help bring the academic research on the topic of QS forward.

Link to survey:

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me either through a comment on this thread or by email at

Thank you,

Aleksandra Aleksic
MS Consumer Affairs Candidate
Technical University of Munich

Hi Aleks, welcome! I took your survey. Well thought out. Best of luck with your thesis and all your endeavors

Thank you for the kind words and for taking my survey!