Acal - voice recognition tracker

I thought you guys might like to try out the latest version of my all purpose Android voice recognition calorie and parameter tracker. For now I am leaving it open sourced and you can install the apk on your Android if you are ok with Unknown sources (fortunately this only uses a Storage permission)

It’s pretty cool because in addition to using for counting calories/points you can use it to measure weight, blood pressure or any other decimal value by saying things like “measure systolic 120” or typing in “#systolic 120”

The speech recognition isn’t always perfect and I usually use the keyboard shortcuts but it does save a lot of time entering new food names.

The main data is stored as text fields in one SQLITE diary table which can also be accessed using standard SQLITE utilities.

I need to improve its graphing functions and get more beta testers.

Other nice features are that it launches fairly fast and can be quickly exited by tapping the food fields in the table which saves a lot of time fumbling for the home key. You can also set it up to autolisten on startup and autoexit after being idle 10 seconds.

I will make a YouTube demo of this before the Portland show. Sorry I can’t go this year…

(if you would like instructions on how to tweak the code yourself and compile it to an apk please private message me)

Nice! I wish you could be in Portland.

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Thanks… I wish I could travel better but I am still really struggling with neurological and psychiatric problems… I kinda had my wings clipped a long time ago.

Actually this can track a lot more than just health data… you can track events as 0 calorie entries or use #cc and #dining to track your credit card balance and dining expenses over time…

I uploaded the latest version to the basic ftp site but unfortunately had to change the method I used to store the list of “good” and “bad” foods. Sorry I didn’t write an upgrade conversion routine for this but this app is still in development until I can publish it to Google Play.

I am still losing about 0.5 lb per wk using it although my weight tends to spike after Christmas probably because of seasonal affective disorder and it’s so damn cold lol.

The last official release is on the Play store but I will be retiring this one since I no longer use a separate file to store the calorie lookup table:

Here is a rough demo I made: