Actionable insights

Hi. I am looking for an app or site that looks at all the data I have been gathering on fitness, sleep, diet and such and gives insights. Or if nothing is out there would anyone like to help me build something?

I have been using CRON-O-Meter since 2011 and regularly in the last year. It has added the ability to track a number of metrics and has a free version. To keep your data intact you pay a modest annual fee. I weighed and entered my food daily for a year or more with occasional lengthy lapses. This has been educational and I have gradually changed my diet in response to what I have learned with respect to insulin resistance. There is a lot of time and fuss involved initially with measurement but this diminishes with practice and standardization of menus. This program has worked well for me as far as weight loss. I am adding some other metrics and will see if Cron-O-Meter is satisfactory for this purpose as well or whether I need another program.

Does it sync with trackers such as Fitbit ?

There are several services that provide insights based on data from Fitbit and similar services, see e.g. AddApp or Exist. The challenge for these services is to ensure that those insights are useful :slight_smile:

Other services are able to provide useful insights by being more focused (e.g. Sleepio), or by not trying to provide any insights, but giving you the tools you need to find your own insights (e.g. Data Sense or Zenobase).

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We do at Sybod. We pull data from Jawbone, Fitbit, Withings etc and allow additional annotations to that data such as symptoms, moods, events etc.

We’re currently in beta developing the algorithms and insights, so would love to talk further if you’re interested in helping to develop :slight_smile:

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