Active, Athletic folks with asthma tracking their performance?

I just scanned through this forum but didn’t see anything related.

Are there any folks with asthma who are active, athletic in this forum? I am learning to be a runner myself. So very curious how you learn to train well?

Anyway I just found out about this mobile phone based service & found it very interesting. I’ve signed up for it & I’m sharing it here. They are offering a free Beta sign up for personalized forecasts of your triggers for those in the NY-NJ-CT-PA area.

My 1st contribution to the forum :-). Hope it’s useful!

This is me. Asthma and very fit. I think my VO2 max is around 58.

The best QS device I know of for this is the Hexoskin. In addition to heart and motion sensors, it records breathing. It measures respiration a per minute, volume, and chest vs belly breathing. For the first time ever I can see how I am breathing during skiing and excercise. Very, very useful. I am now focusing on belly breathing while skiing.