Activity & Mood Diary by Ginsberg app

Hi QSers,

My name is Jodi Mullen and I work on Project Ginsberg in Edinburgh, Scotland. We’re a public technology project funded by the Scottish Government and NHS24 Scotland with a mission to explore ways to improve the mental health of the general population through new technologies.

We’ve just released a new app for iPhone and Android called Activity & Mood Diary.[/video]

It’s a mood tracking and smart diary app that embraces elements of mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Users can track mood, physical data and life events. The app is designed to help people spot the patterns and triggers that lead to stress and low mood so they can make informed choices around behaviour change and monitor the results.

Current noteworthy features include:
[]Dis-aggregated mood - we allow users to track 3 from a possible 24 ‘wellbeing measures’ (including energy levels, optimism, relationships etc) rather than using a single scale for mood
]Track sleep, alcohol, exercise, steps, nutrition, social activity
[]Developed with NHS psychologists and psychiatrists
]Clinically valid mental health measurement systems - our wellbeing measures are built on the Warwick Edinburgh Mental Well Being Scale (WEMWBS) and WHO-5
[]Connects with popular wearables and apps to import data (Fitbit, Jawbone UP, Withings, Moves, Strava, Runkeeper/HG/MFP etc)
]Custom event tracking through hashtag diary feature (visible through web interface)
[*]User privacy is paramount - we don’t collect or share user data, user is free to delete all data at any time, dev team have extremely limited access to database

This app release comes after a 4 month beta period for the web-based version of the Ginsberg app.

Planned features to be released in the coming months include include:
[]Windows Phone and Blackberry versions
]Data export to CSV
[]Further insight pages within the app (more advanced insights are available only through the web interface at the moment)
]Connectivity with a wider range of apps and devices
[*]In-app pedometer

We’d be really interested in getting feedback from the community on the app. That said, please bear in mind that it’s aimed at a more general audience than the QS hardcore and several features (sleep tracking, exercise, nutrition) won’t be as sophisticated as you will get in dedicated apps.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the Ginsberg project, please feel free to get in touch with me at

This looks great! I’m downloading it now and gonna try it…

Thanks for posting about it here; I’ve been looking for something precisely like this.

I installed this yesterday I like it so far. I really like the non-liner mood/emotion/well being tracking; asking how i’m feeling in a way other then 1-10. I am also really interested in collecting data for a few weeks and looking at how this can be exported to be shared with a health professional, this is a feature that it seems every tracker lacks that could make a difference in someone’s well being. The only thing it lacks are more integration to other apps, like misfit step counting, or sleep trackers. I think the RunKeeper app/service has not been tracking sleep and nutrition from other apps properly for some time, and im not seeing anything imported to the Ginsberg app because of that.

How can the community help in adding further integration to this app? I glanced through the developers section, but am not a Dev myself, maybe i can help in another way?