Advanced Testing & Tracking

Hi all, I am new to QS. I am interested in tracking gut microbiome and various serum level and have done so for the last 18 months. Is anyone else doing this kind of tracking?


I do very basic tracking of serum levels with a spreadsheet, but test too infrequently to do any number-crunching or graphing. It sounds like you’re doing something more comprehensive? I saw your other post with your gut biome data, but the picture link was gone.

I keep track daily of my suppliment, meds, weight, and mood. About every 3 months I send a sample to ubiome. I also have blood work done a few times a year. Have you done any gut microbiome tracking?

I haven’t done any microbiome tracking, I don’t know much about it.

I have chronic fatigue syndrome and have lots of CMP and CBC tests I am watching as well as vit d, b-12, thyroid, lipids and a few other things that have been done repeat times. I’ve had this condition for 15 years, but misplaced most of my earlier medical records, but have notes/memory of some of them. So now I have a few from 2012 and the rest from 2016-2017.

I also keep track of supplements. A new experiment is to see if Paul Stamets 7 medicinal mushrooms supplement will raise my white blood cells count which is in reference range but sub-optimal. I feel that it did in the past, but that was just an off-handed observation.