Affiliate Link Policy (New, August 2021)

Dear QS Forum participants,

I’m experimenting with affiliate links as a way to pay expenses. The focus of the forum is not product recommendations, but there are a lot of products mentioned here, so maybe this will prove to be a reasonable way to defray some of the costs. Here’s the policy governing links:

  • Affiliate links will be limited to posts by QS Forum admins. Please do not post your own links.

  • We’ll link from product mentions regardless of editorial content: Links should not be construed as an endorsement.

  • Opinions about products are the responsibility of individual posters, not of all the admins collectively.

  • We will not add affiliate links to posts by regular forum users. (That would be creepy.) BUT, we will remove affiliate links if we notice them, and/or repost the link from an admin account. We’re trying to establish a monopoly here, for whatever that’s worth. :slight_smile: