Affordability of Validic API usage (or alternatives) on smaller scales

I figure someone has had to have been in a situation like this.

We’re adding a feature for an App that currently has about ~150-200 users. We’re looking at using Validic to read data into our App from a single device that might be used by maybe 20 of those 150-200 users.

So basically, not a huge audience.

But apparently Validic’s lowest pricing tier begins at 19-25k a year for 2k users. This is hilariously out of the question, so I’m wondering what alternatives to Validic other people have found useful.

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What device?

Have you estimated how much would it cost you to develop the integration yourself?

Human API is another option; don’t know if their pricing is more flexible…

In our case, it’d be Abbott Libre glucometers! We’ve confirmed that it’s probably more affordable to do ourselves, but the appeal of Validic is that we can apply it to other devices too (in case we use them in the future)

Have you already talked to Abbott about getting access to their API? They’re more picky than Dexcom about whom they give access…

Interested in this as well. I plan for about 100 subjects in a research study with Fitbit data and Validic had only the 2000 patient tier available as an option.

If you are doing a research data with Fitbit data, Fitabase might be an option?