Air pollution recorders (especially nanoparticle pollution)

Do they exist? shows that researchers are starting to delve into the issue. I looked up the apparatus they use, but they’re hardly available for the public (and if available, they all cost thousands of dollars)


Anyways, shows that pollution really is horrid horrid stuff - far more horrid than you’d ever originally think

Moving to open forum as it’s not a lab test…but it’s interesting!

I know I saw some stuff in the BodyTrack presentations where they were measuring air particulates–they could probably give you some good information.

To revive this old thread…
There was a recent initiative in the Netherlands to measure aerosols using a simple and cheap iphone add-on:

Personally i would be interested to see if an air purifier could also be used to measure indoor air pollution. If anything, how often the filters need replacing should be indicative of the level of contamination.

I just got a TZOA wearable but am waiting on it…