Air quality and sleep

Hi there, I am new here.

I need to share something I’ve experienced for awhile, in the hopes we can share info and help each other.

Almost every house I’ve moved to, during the first week I’ve slept really well, and noticed that I can seem to smell easily, but then after that I haven’t slept well, in fact slept terribly, and felt weak just being inside the house and notice that the house even smells strange.

I’ve lived with housemates who have noticed this but they don’t seem to suffer like I do. So I think I am probably weak to whatever substance. So I didn’t blood tests a sleep study and even visited a naturopath- changed my diet but didn’t improve my sleep.

I even splashed out for a chemical-free bed and bedding and pillow. Bought 10 plants that clean the air
Ventilate my room regularly and air my bedding and wash clothes and myself regulalrly.

I’ve researched this and am just beginning to feel really alone. I’ve kept records of sleep and the air quality with a device (it doesn’t detect mould though).

What I want most is to find a forum or people who have experienced similar issues with air quality in a house, to not feel so alone , and maybe have a discussion.


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