All-in-one daily tracking: Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation, Heart Rate, Temperature, ECG and Blood Glucose data


I’ve been reading the forum since a long time, I’m now being active & building my own quantified-self device. It’s an all-in-one monitoring solution to log my blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate, temperature, glucose & cholesterol, on a daily basis.
You can give me your most honest opinion on the experience I’m proposing so far, I’ve setup a website & team-up with a friend to turn it into a real product. Thanks for your feedback, I’ll improve the experience

Your opinion is very valuable in my eyes, thanks.

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Link? There’s a lot of interest in devices that people can use to capture all these measures at home, see this recent competition.

Thanks @ejain for the competition link! here is mine

Looks interesting! How do you measure blood pressure? I’m assuming glucose and cholesterol are measured with a drop of blood (using the separate “cartridge”)?