Alpha Lipoic Acid and mood?

Hi folks,

I just started taking alpha lipoic acid to try to help with headaches, but I’m noticing a pronounced uplifting of mood as well. Has anyone else experienced an effect of ALA on mood?

alex :))

Sounds very interesting Alex. I’ve never heard of alpha lipoic acid but it’s clearly doing good things for you.

What form does it come in and when/how are you taking it?


Thanks Jon! Well, I only have one day of data, but it was definitely a strong effect. I took 100 mg of generic Alpha Lipoic Acid from my supermarket (Whole Foods Market) with a meal, and started feeling amazing an hour later. I believe taking up to 600 mg per day has been studied as safe in trials, but I will start with 100 mg in the morning and 100 mg in the evening.

My husband has been using for months it to effectively treat his Burning Mouth Syndrome, since it seems to have neuroprotective properties, and he reports very clear vision and an improved sense of smell when taking it, as well as elimination of the numbness in his mouth.

I will post an update if I learn anything new!

Right. It’s down to the health food shop in the morning. Thanks Alex!

I’ve been tracking my physical health as well as my mood for the past month, and can see there’s a strong correlation. Headaches often feature on the symptom list for me too, so this certainly sounds like something to experiment with.

Just need to make sure it’s the right sort of acid. :sunglasses:

ALA is awesome - but I do suggest stacking it with alcar (acetyl-l-carnitine) for a fantastic combination :slight_smile: