Am I sleepwalking?

Hi, I’m new here, and recently I was lucid dreaming. I had woken up to say goodbye to family at around 9:00 AM then I went back to sleep. I was lucid dreaming after I fell asleep and I remember getting up to get my tablet to look up how to leave a lucid dream on the internet and then when I woke up my tablet was next to me. Yesterday something really weird happened. Someone washed my grandmothers new sheets. I know this seems trivial, but my mom was really angry because the sheets would look old. I know I did not do it, consciously at least. Only me, my brother, my father, and my mother live in the house. My little brother couldn’t have done it because he can’t work the washing machine. My dad didn’t even know that my grandmother even had sheets so it could not have been him. It also wasn’t my mom because she worked all day. I am pretty much the sole suspect because I did the laundry that day. My mom told me that I might have been sleepwalking. I vaguely remember thinking about washing the sheets but I never did.

I used to occasionally do audio recordings to monitor for sleep problems, and it was enough to tell when I was sleepwalking. I know there’s now smartphone apps that will record through the night, and let you review (with timestamps) any unusual noise they detect.

Steph, do you have a fitbit or any other type of pedometer you could use to see if you are moving while you should be sleeping?

If you have a smartphone, you could use that for monitoring as well, as danwich suggests. SleepCycle for iOS and Sleep as Android both record movement and sleep talking automatically and should pick up whether you get out of bed.
-Sleep as Android:

As an aside, you may find this video entertaining. Someone recorded what they talked about in their sleep over the course of a year:

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Steph, the Beddit sleep monitor will also detect if you get out of bed.

I used a 3-axis battery powered accelerometer attached to a chest strap to measure my sleep position and it certainly would detect if you got out of bed and were walking around. It would probably take a 9-axis IMU to determine where you went during the night. There are now iPhone Apps that will use your phone to capture the same data assuming you are wearing the iPhone while you sleep.

There are also security apps for iPhones that take pictures when they sense motion. You could set one up outside your bedroom.

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A home security camera seems like the best bet for catching the clandestine launderer.

Just found the link to the video of that guy recording himself…sooo funny! :smiley:

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