An app for easy data aggregation & visualization: Places, Workouts, Sleep, Journals

The app is called Hyperspaces and tackles two closely related practices that often goes hand in hand for a QS enthusiast:

  1. Self-tracking
  2. Journaling

We’ve been working on developing this app for over a year. We figured the best way to let a user capture maximum context from their life is provide them the freedom for manual input + the power of frictionless automatic input.

Automatic input comes in form of:

  • Locations
  • Activities (sleep, exercise, steps, music minutes, reading minutes)
  • Photos (associated with a location or event)

Manual input comes in form of:

  • Journal notes
  • Habits (checklists, day summaries)

This enables a user to visualize their life events as they happen on a timeline, and journal about as much life events as possible, while also retaining as much context about their memories, their progress, their performance, and more, even when they don’t take any journal notes.

More about this on the blog.

The app is currently at the end of the dev phase. We’re looking for 10 people that frequently journal to conduct 15-min video calls with, during which we wish they could provide feedback about their current journaling ways, and what they would want to see in a perfect journaling app that matches their needs!

In exchange, and as a token of appreciation we want to provide these 10 users with 6 months worth of our Timeline functionality when we launch (instead of 3).

If you’d want to join, you can directly book a call via this link or send any thoughts you might have about the app or journaling in general directly to my email:

Looks cool! Do you have an existing privacy policy and terms of use to review?