An app to manage your clothes, wardrobes and your styles

I’m basically thinking of an app for iPhone and Mac or some other tool/way to keep a better track and organization of my clothes.
Basically I want to click pictures of all items, enter their brand, size and color and other options like season.
Then I can use these items to create styles or click pictures and tag these items for styles / looks that I use or create.
So If someday i’m going somewhere, I can just open this app, select a look and wear that, instead of rummaging through my clothes.

Also, the app would help me keep a track of what clothes I wore on which dates, and also show me stats like which is the most worn item and which is the least worn.

It’ll also help me keep a track of damaged clothes that need repair like a button or re-sizing, and save them as tasks, and show these items as not available for wear.

I can also mark which clothes are for laundry and which for dryclean and those clothes will be unavailable for wearing also.

Basically, I notice every-time I have a hard time and a long time is wasted i deciding what to wear or searching for clothes that may have gone for washing etc. At the end, I end up trying and rejecting a lot of clothes which lie in a huge pile until I clear it up, for it to happen again.

I’m looking for an app or other solution to minimise this.

You can find some relevant ideas and discussions here.

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A couple of fashionistas have done the work for you -

I still use Stylebook…

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This talk from the QS Show&Tell archive has some relevant material, too: Quantified Awesome by Sacha Chua

Sacha’s own blog post about her clothes tracking system is here: Tracking and organizing my clothes: substituting mathematics for fashion sense.

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Superb idea. It will be a very useful app for women. My wardrobe and half of my hubby wardrobe are full of my clothes. It is very difficult for me to manage and clean them. I love shopping, whenever I got online coupon codes I purchase clothes, shoes, accessories, watches and other items from an online store. This kinda App will be very helpful for me.

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