An app to measure your concentration with a headband

We are a group trying to develop an application to measure your concentration with a headband. It is similar to the idea that a Chinese startup “Brainco” has already developed.
Our main idea is to use a brainwave detection headband to help users improve their concentration through real-time audio feedback and varieties of courses(like meditation, yoga, or Pomodoro Technique) from mobile app. We set a reward mechanism to encourage the user to improve concentration level, like we will give users the headband(hardware part of the product) for free or books chosen by themselves. Registering as a membership owns more privilege than common users but needs a fee.
We are basically intended to apply this product to adults(like engineers) and students in need of this kind of thing to help boost concentration.
What do you think of such a idea? Welcome any suggestions or advice.

One time purchase of a device that outputs raw data please.

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Sounds similar to Muse?

The problem with these kinds of devices is that the data is very noisy, which makes real-time biofeedback difficult… Can still be useful: Having spent money on a gadget, you’re more likely to stick to your meditation/focus sessions, for a while at least :smile:

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