Analysing Happiness Data With Google Sheets

Hi, I’m three episodes into a video series where I use Google Sheets to explore mood data I’ve collected, cross referencing with other data sources.

Despite being a professional programmer, I chose to do this with spreadsheets, because I thought this would be a more accessible way to demonstrate various techniques.

So far I’ve created three videos.

  1. Happiness vs Money :dollar:
  2. Happiness vs Sleep :sleeping_bed:
  3. My Happiness vs The Pandemic :microbe:

I have a few more of these planned so I thought I’d create a thread here to get your reactions. What do you think? Did you enjoy the format? Am I missing any obvious tricks?


Interesting! I liked the format. I love how easily you make Google sheets flip around and dance for you. I think I’m going to slowly start building up my sheets fluency after seeing what charts can do.

I think the most interesting part for me was the story you pulled out of the data. Where you connected the dots and showed how the info has supplemented the squishy fallible grey matter.

I notice your apps are only for iPhone, any plans for Android?

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“Excited about Android progress” at :wink:

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Very well done!

How about providing a template sheet with all the formulas etc set up?

Also, the radar chart looks nice, but even if animated, it might be hard to easily spot the biggest changes, given the large number of categories. Maybe a connected scatterplot could work, with one axis being the frequency of a tag, and the other axis reflecting the average rating?

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Eyyyy what! Haha I missed that :joy::heart_eyes:

Hopefully android apps incoming. :pray:t4:

Yeah I think sheet templates would be great for users like me who are interested in tracking but also lowkey intimidated by formulas.

Probs a decent lead magnet too. :ok_hand:t4:

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Lol, good sleuthing… :slight_smile:

Ok cool sounds like if I share some spreadsheet templates and get that Android version out we should be in business!

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