Analyzing Sleep patterns on different sleeping positions

Hello guys,

I am Computer Science Master student, and I’m currently finishing a exceptional course, Machine Learning for the Quantified Self, that follows the book with the same name, by Mark Hoogendoorn/Burkhardt Funk.
I have “always” Quantified myself, calories(myFitnessPal, Garmin - 3 years, HR-24h) but I wasn’t aware of the real power of these numbers.
This gave me even more incentive to track myself and with the combination of machine learning I am eager to find hidden patterns.

Today I had an ideea of Quantifying my sleep in different positions, the ideea came up while looking at a picture in my Facebook timeline that was showing right/wrong positions to sleep in(9GAG style). I am not really interested in the bad positions making the assumption that they will not yield better sleep patterns and are not good for posture, but which rather in the good positions and what position yields the best sleep patterns. Different factors may intervine like changing position, mattress type, room temperature, air pressure??(interesting maybe a case of study for people with sinusitis).

What do you think? Is this an interesting topic?
I have little experience in the field and would really apreciate some advice/insight.