Android app for passive 24x7 logging of HR from BT strap

Are there any Android apps yet that can log heart rate from a bluetooth chest strap (eg, Polar H7) reliably over long time periods (eg, 12-24hr), and export to CSV? Even if they don’t do HRV?

Or does the fact that such chest straps don’t store any data combined with inherent unreliability of BLE connections just make this too hard? To do this the app needs to be able to reconnect automatically and ideally start automatically on phone reboot or putting on of the strap. Many apps fail to even deal with reconnecting. (Eg, Elite HRV has an “open reading” mode but if the connection drops it aborts that reading and requires UI interaction to start again. I also tried one called BLE Heart Rate Monitor and another called HR & HRV Logger.)

This old thread:

discusses some of this. I can’t find Fluxstream Capture in the Play store on my phone (and the only 2 reviews seemed bad on the linked web page). @Marco_Altini made an old app but it is no longer maintained. A more recent thread:

focuses on HRV/ECG and mentions the chest strap possibility but doesn’t mention any specific apps for that strategy. Most of the rest of the systems focus on the HRV aspect and have big negatives of various kinds.

Alternatively, are there any BLE HR straps that can store data and periodically sync the way the myriad of wrist-based activity-trackers with optical HR sensors do (instead of relying on continuous BLE connection)? But specifically ones that don’t cost $400+ (like the Zephyr BioHarness, Hexoskin, etc.) Some of those expensive systems seem like they also require things like PCs just to do the data export.

Is there nothing that works as simply and reliably from a user’s perspective as the myriad of wrist-based trackers (Basis, Garmin, Fitbit, etc.) which just work automatically as soon as you put them on? (But of course with the better accuracy of chest electrodes instead of wrist LEDs.) I don’t want HR data only when I go on a run (the Garmin, Polar Flow, etc. model).


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Hi Karl,

I’m also looking into this (24/7 monitoring, chest strap with internal memory, occasional syncing, export function, budget).

STRAP: For now I’ve identified the Wahoo TICKR X as a potential candidate. It can measure up to 16h of ‘workout’ data and has a long battery life of 12 months. It’s waterproof, should work with lots of apps and is getting good reviews. EDIT: Add MyZone MZ-3 to the list.

APP: Second component would be the app to connect it with and export your data. Still looking into that. Depending on compatibility.