Android apps for passive tracking of Location, Sleep, Phone usage and activity? (Steps, running, cycling)

I’m looking for one app or seperate apps for passive tracking , with ability to export as .CSV :

  • Location (With addresses)
  • Sleep
  • Phone usage
  • Activity? (Steps, running, cycling)

I tried the Instant app that seems really good, but the export to .CSV only gives Phone usage data.

I use my Fitbit Charge3 for sleep tracking and find it very useful, especially because I can wear it all night easily and charge it while I’m in the shower - charging is fast.

I use Overland for location tracking.

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Hi! I also use a fitbit for sleep tracking but when I exported my data (this is my first time), the sleep_score.csv showed no data in it?

I use rescuetime/smarttime.

I use a Fitbit Charge 3 for sleep and exercise data and RescueTime for phone/computer usage data. I use both their APIs to funnel their data automatically into my own life-logging system.

FYI, RescueTime’s API uses a user-generated API key to facilitate automated data transfer which is pretty easy to set up, so you wouldn’t need to manually exxport csv files. Fitbit’s API requires OAuth authentication which is tricky and time-consuming to setup/automate. Both APIs export their data in JSON format (at least) which is very easy to read but requires an extra step to parse into csv (or a mysql database in my case) but once it’s set up, it’s automated.

Please let us know what you discover!

what technologies did you use for creating your own lifelogging system? And how have you designed it?

I’m currently thinking about soon developing my own system In python using Dash and other things for analytics. I want automatic export of all my data, and then dashboards for visualization and also a screen for exploring correlations between variables.

For manual input, I use my phone’s Chrome browser for logging about 50% of my manually logged events. I use the phone’s camera to automatically add photos to my timeline and I use Google Home/Assistant for convenient voice logging (about 3,700 events so far).

The Fitbit, RescueTime and Google Photos API integrations are small PHP scripts that I wrote to automate the sleep, activity and computer usage.

On the back-end, I use the Open Source CMS system Drupal (php, mysql, apache) for the content/user management and web interface. It’s a solution that I use in my business, so I was already familiar with it.

There’s some custom code for integrating photos, sleep and activity data in the timeline.

I use Google Visualizations for the dashboards. Correlations are still pretty basic - I wrote a custom script to correlate Fitbit data and RescueTime data.

It’s basically been designed to make it super simple for me and my family to capture what matters to us. We use it as a visual food diary, a wellness journal for ourselves, our 2 kids and dog, a scrapbook for the family and a QS experiment platform for me. Lately, I’ve been using it as a gratitude journal and a way to chronicle and measure the effects of the current pandemic on our lives.

If you want to give it a try, it’s at - it’s a bit of a hot mess in that I built it for me first and haven’t really focused on making it easy for new users to ramp up quickly, but if you have any questions or requests on features, just let me know. I’d like to grow it to a point where it can help lots of people/families.

How are you using “Google Home/Assistant” for tracking?

Sorry, just seeing this now…

I created a Google Home/Assistant action to let people log their events by saying, “OK Google, talk to Event Logger…” The idea is that lots of times you don’t want to stop what you’re doing in order to find your phone, log in and record an event. I’ve logged about 3,200 events via Google Home.

You can say things like, “I had a veggie omelette with cheese and toast for breakfast at 9am today.” and a “Breakfast” event will be logged to your account and tagged with food types eggs, cheese, bread.

Here a video example I made a while back to give you an idea

I use it a lot in the kitchen in the mornings when I’m making breakfast…
“I drank 350 ml of coffee”
“I took my daily aspirin” (Google Home knows to log it under medications)
“I cleaned the kitchen for 10 minutes just now”

And when I’m out doing errands…
“I spent $80 on gas at Esso” (GH knows to break that into Amount, Items and Store Name)
“I had a 500 ml double double from Tims” (GH knows that’s coffee)