Announcing the Karius Clinical Investigator Award program: $100,000 for Applied Infectious Disease Genomics projects

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I’m working at Karius now, on a new way to diagnose infectious diseases, and I’m thrilled to announce a call for entries for a new award program we’re running -

Karius, the infectious disease genomics company, is offering awards for talented researchers using next-generation sequencing to study human pathogens.

Two grants of up to $50,000 each will be awarded to research institutions for novel applications of the Karius cell-free DNA test for infectious diseases. Applications must include a detailed proposal for clinical research and budget for how the award will be used. In addition to the funding, the company will cover the cost of sequencing a limited number of specimens for this program.

The purpose of these grants is to accelerate research focused on infectious disease diagnostics and to positively impact human health.

Winners will be announced during the October 2018 IDWeek conference in San Francisco, with a special event at the nearby Karius headquarters. The closing date for applications is June 30, 2018.

Researchers based in the United States may apply to the Karius Clinical Investigator Awards for Applied Infectious Disease Genomics at

Hope some of you find this helpful and send in an application!
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