Anthropology and QS

As an anthropologist with a growing interest in the QS movement and self-tracking, I have a few questions which I am hoping someone on this forum might be able to comment on:

  1. Who is involved in the QS movement?
  2. What gender differences are there in the use of, and insights gained from self-measurement/tracking?
  3. What issues around data privacy does self-measurement/tracking raise, how are these perceived?

Perhaps I am looking in the wrong places but I don’t seem to be able to find much academic writing on QS?

Hi Matt, great to see you here, I’ve learned a lot from some of the anthropologists and sociologists who are looking at the QS Movement. I’d begin with a search for: Dawn Nafus, Whitney Erin Boessel, Deborah Lupton. The conference have a pretty good contingent of academic researchers from many disciplines, so if you want to meet some in person that’s a good way.

Hi Gary,

Many thanks for your reply, I will certainly get in touch with the people you mention and I hope to be able to attend the conference in Amsterdam.

Best wishes