Any HRV biofeedback apps compatible with an external HRM?


I have a chest strap heart rate monitor. I am curious about biofeedback and thought that I might experiment with HRV biofeedback w/o buying new tools. After a bit of googling, I found Elite HRV and [HRV4Training](, which can be used with an external monitor.

Any further app recommendations?

HRV4Training captures daily readings only; they have a separate, iOS-only app for taking arbitrary readings. Elite HRV is more flexible plus has support for paced breathing, but to export anything but raw data (RR intervals) you need to sign up for a paid plan.

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SweetBeat HRV for IOS by SweetWater Health, LLC. The app is a one time costs of $9.99. With your bluetooth heart rate monitor you can then monitor your HRV, save and upload sessions and email all the data to yourself for further analysis. Included is the email is the raw RR data, Kubios ready data, HRV records and a file that is a summary of all your sessions to date. The session data is clinical grade. Contact me if you need assistance in the analysis.


Kubios is an application that will allow you to do detailed analysis of your heart rate RR data.

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We created one for iOS. Its called Cardiowell. Available on the Apple App Store and from our web-site:

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