Any QS databanks out there or anyone willing to share data?

Hello QS,

I’m very interested in building profiles of how different vital signs (such as heart rate, galvanic skin response, also motion/actigraphy measured from the wrist) reflect different levels and kinds of activity. I was wondering if anyone knows of any resources out there that pair up sensor data with activity logs, or if anyone has this data themselves that they would be willing to share. There are databanks such as Physionet, but I’m not aware of any data sets there which also record activity.

I am of course logging my own data for this purpose, but I’m interested in creating a general-purpose algorithm that can estimate activity levels (i.e. sleeping vs. sedentary vs. low activity vs. high activity) for anyone, not just me.

I appreciate any input!

I log my activity level as heart rate totals within % of max each day, and blood pressure. I don’t do sleep times. So I don’t know if this data is of any use.

Good stuff, but I’m interested in and gathering pretty fine-grained data in order to make minute-by-minute analyses of activity levels. Thanks anyway though!